MArathons with meaning


My training is getting geared up for the 100+ mile ultra in June.  Glen Rossi, my coach and trainer and I have decided on a long-run training schedule of alternating weekends.  My short-long weekends with be 2-3 hours on Saturday and Sunday with the next weekend runs getting progressively longer.  The goal will be to build up the long weekend runs to max out at 18 hours over two days.  That should give me the physical and mental stamina to take on 100 miles in 24 hours.

Last weekend I was traveling in Florida for business so I ended up running on the Pinellas  Trail near Largo Florida; 3-1/2 hours Saturday and 3-1/4 hours on Sunday.  I focus mostly on hours of running rather than miles but I generally run about 12 minute miles. Yesterday and today were 2 hours runs, which despite a head cold, were nice and easy.  When Iā€™m in town I always run pushing a jogger loaded with 120 lbs. of weight.

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