Past Events:


November  30th, 2014                     SEATTLE MARATHON
November 15th-16th, 2014              LAS VEGAS MARATHON WITH ULTRA 100
October 19th, 2014                          DENVER ROCK N ROLL MARATHON
October 12th, 2014                          CHICAGO BANK OF AMERICA MARATHON
August 31st, 2014                            VIRGINIA BEACH ROCK N ROLL MARATHON
June 21st, 2014                               SEATTLE ROCK N ROLL MARATHON
June 1st, 2014                                 SAN DIEGO ROCK N ROLL MARATHON
January 19th, 2014                          PHOENIX PF CHANG MARATHON.

Charlet Martathon                                        November 11th                   Timmy


San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon              June 4th                              Erin

Chicago Marathon                                       October 8th                         Jocelyn 

Other Past Events: 

Seattle Ultra 100 Mile                                 June 17th         Charlie and 12 others

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MArathons with meaning

Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon                  January 15th                        Phoenix 


Race                                                            Date                                  Rider-Athlete

Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon                   January 17th                        Rylee
Cupcake 50K Ultra                                       March 20th                           Abby
San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon               June 5th                               Erin
Chicago Marathon                                        October 9th                         Fatima
Marine Corps Marathon                                October 30th                       Ryan
Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon                November 13th                   Brandon
Amica Seattle Marathon                                November                           Charlie


Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon                   January 18th                      Taylor                   
San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon              May 31th                            Taylor                   
Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon                   June 13th                            Benton
Chicago Marathon                                      October 11th                       Peter
Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon                   October 18th                      Braydon
Marine Corps Marathon                              October 25th                      Ryan
Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon              November 15th                  Roxxanne           
Amica Seattle Marathon                              November 29th                  Jackson

Daytona Ultra 100 Mile                                December 9th              Erin and Taylor